Oakbrook Preparatory School

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Brett Seay ‘05
North Greenville University ‘09, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary ‘12

Photography is more than just taking pictures to Brett Seay. It’s a calling. She not only uses her unique talent to create visual stories to provide lasting memories, but she captures the beauty and love of God. Her passion for serving in ministry and love for photography can be traced back to her years at Oakbrook. After graduating from Oakbrook's first class in 2005, Brett Seay completed an undergraduate degree from North Greenville University. She went on to receive a M.A. in Christian Studies from South Eastern Theological Seminary. Brett now resides in Raleigh, N.C. where she is a professional photographer. Brett travels extensively and has worked on missionary teams in Peru, Greece, the Middle East, and South Africa. "Having the opportunity to attend Oakbrook instilled the value of service, and the confidence to experience new cultures and to start my own business. I experienced the richness of the broad classical education and developed leadership and communication skills that have been required for success in my career."


Dr. Anna Lockamy Randall ‘06
Converse College ‘10, Medical University of South Carolina ‘13

The best leaders are servants first. Anna Lockamy Randall embodies this quality. During her years at Oakbrook, Anna was well respected for how she led by example. She was dedicated to her studies and service. After graduating in 2006 to attend Converse College, Anna continued to pursue of a life of academics, leadership, and philanthropy. ”Oakbrook taught us the principles of giving back to others with the gifts God has blessed each of us with. Through my Senior Project I was able to learn even more about giving back as I worked with a physical therapist and investigated a career in Physical Therapy,” Anna said. While at Converse Anna was able to be a student leader as class president for four years as well as take part in a number of service oriented organizations. She graduated from Converse in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and began the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program at the Medical University of South Carolina immediately after graduating from Converse. While in PT school, Anna was again given the opportunity to be a Student Government representative as well as participate in the charitable Cares Clinic at MUSC for patients unable to afford therapy services. In May 2013 she graduated from MUSC with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is now practicing in the outpatient and inpatient setting in Orangeburg, SC. “I am so blessed to have the opportunity daily to touch people's lives through my job. It is truly one of the most rewarding careers I could have imagined.”


Thomas Wildeman ‘11
Apprenticeship in Germany '11-'13
Samford University '17

Thomas Wildeman is the definition of a well-rounded individual. He lives his life as a dedicated Christian, brother, son, friend, student, and athlete. During his years at Oakbrook, Thomas was a true role model not only to his two younger brothers, but for all the young men and women. God used Thomas’ witty sense of humor and positive attitude to bless and encourage his fellow students. He carried these qualities into his life after Oakbrook and continues to succeed in both his academic and personal life. “Oakbrook prepared me for a life in the real world. After Oakbrook, I worked in Germany doing an apprenticeship at a German textile machine company, studying Industrial Mechanics. I believe the values of personal responsibility and community was very influential to my experiences there. I had to keep up with expenses, learn to manage my time with friends and responsibilities at work and school. I immediately sought to be a part of the Christian community in my neighboring town because of the value Oakbrook put on its community. I grew spiritually living on my own because I was entirely responsible for my growth in Christ. I am pleased to say that through a background of Christian influence I have been able to continue to grow through adversity. I have learned to value the education I have received at Oakbrook and have practically applied my skills in mathematics, German, and economics throughout my daily life. I am encouraged to know that each year Oakbrook will produce people ready to enter the “real-world” prepared academically, athletically, and spiritually for what awaits them.”


Brady Jackson ‘13
Duke University ‘17

With his friendly and gregarious personality, it didn’t take long for Brady Jackson to find his place at Duke University. After graduating from Oakbrook in 2013, Brady fulfilled a lifelong dream by attending Duke. He immediately made new friends and became a part of the Duke community much like he had during his years at Oakbrook. As Oakbrook’s Student Government president, Brady was instrumental in creating entertaining and exciting activities for students and he has carried those skills with him to college. “While I was trying to think of ways in which Oakbrook helped me grow as a person, especially in my leadership and foundational skills to prepare me for college I realized something. I realized that there isn't one single way in which Oakbrook helped me assimilate into college; Oakbrook is the entire reason that I have been able to assimilate smoothly into college. Day after day Oakbrook instilled in me the values of morality and always pushed me to be the very best Brady James Jackson that I could be. It is only because of Oakbrook and the tremendous amount of support that I always received there that got me into Duke. I am truly thankful for everyone who played a role in my life at Oakbrook. I would not be who I am or where I am without them.”

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