Oakbrook Preparatory School

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August 11-12

Staff Dev. Days (Th,F)

August 15

Orientation for Students (M)

Drop In Grades K3-4 th grade; 9:00-11:00am

Grades 5-12; 1:00-3:00pm Not Drop-In

August 16

First Full Day of School (Tu)

September 5

Labor Day Holiday (M)

September 13

Curriculum Night/Town Hall (Tu)

September 16

Fall Festival

October 17

End of Term 1 (M)

October 20

Conference Day (Th)

October 21

Fall Break Holiday (F)

October 24

Fall Break Holiday (M)

November 23-25

Thanksgiving Holiday (W-F)

December 13-16

Exams, Grades 8-12 (Tu-W-Th- F)

December 16

End of Term 2 (F) Half Day

December 19-January 2

Christmas Holidays

January 2

Staff Dev. Day (M)

January 3

Students Return to School (Tu)

January 16

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday (M)

February 17

Winter Break Student Holiday, Staff Dev. Day (F)

February 20

President’s Day-Winter Break Holiday (M)

March 6

End of Term 3 (M)

March 13

Student Holiday (M)

April 3-7

Spring Break

April 14

Good Friday holiday (F)

May 16-18

Exams, Grades 8-12 (Tu-W- Th)

May 18

Baccalaureate Program (Th)

May 19

Honors Day, Grades 5-12, (F) Student Half Day

May 19

Graduation (F) 7:00pm

May 22-26

Spring Intensive for Grades 5-11

May 25

K3-K5 Recognition (Th)

May 26

Last Day of School, grades 1-11

Recognition Services, grades 1-4 (F)

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