Oakbrook Preparatory School

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Preschool (K3 & K4) and Kindergarten (K5)

The purpose of the preschool dress code is to create a harmonious environment that is conducive to learning. Our goal is to eliminate distractions and competition among the children and to establish an atmosphere of love and acceptance. 


Official Uniform

Daily Clothes


Grades 1 through 4

Oakbrook Preparatory School’s dress code was established to promote unity, provide a consistent and neat appearance for all students, and to avoid peer pressure in matters of dress. Only the official uniform and options are acceptable attire.  The official uniform must be worn for field trips, special functions, picture days, and weekly Wednesday chapel, while approved options may be worn on other days.  The only acceptable emblem, lettering, or patch on hats, jackets, sweaters, or other clothing is the school’s logo or crest. Students must have warm coats, head covering, and gloves or mittens during the winter months. A parent will be called to bring appropriate dress for field trips or for chronic dress code offenders.  

Boys - Grades 1 through 4, Official Uniform

Girls – Grades 1 through 4, Official Uniform

Boys - Grades 1 through 4 Dress Code (Mon./Tues./Thurs.)

Girls - Grades 1 through 4 (Mon./Tues./Thurs.)

Dress Code on Fridays

Dress Code on other Non-uniform Days

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