Oakbrook Preparatory School

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Teachers send home folders containing samples of student work each Thursday. This is an important avenue of communication between teachers, parents, and the administration. Report cards will evaluate each student's progress in every subject area.

K5 students are assessed at the end of each term. K4 students are assessed at the end of the first and third terms.

Students in grades one through four will receive a report each nine weeks of the academic calendar. Children in grades one through three will be rated Excellent, Satisfactory, Progressing, and Needs Improvement according to their demonstrated potential. In grade four, percentage averages are calculated and reported as letter grades. Grade four continues to report social studies, science, and creative writing with ratings of Excellent, Satisfactory, Progressing, or Needs to Improve.

Grade 1 – 3; Grades 4 Science and Social Studies

Grade 3 - 4 Math and Language Arts (South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale):

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