Oakbrook Preparatory School

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See Handbook for South Carolina Uniform Grading Scale and general grading information.

Grade Reporting

A midterm report will be sent home at the half-way point of each term. At the conclusion of each 9-week term, grades will be reported on the progress report. The grade on the progress report will reflect an average of the grades received that previous term.
An exam or project will be assigned at the end of each semester. The exam/project will represent a culminating work and may reflect an increased portion of the grade for the term or semester.

Requirements for Promotion

At the end of the year the grades for each term will be averaged to determine a final grade in each subject area. Any student in grades six through eight with a failing grade in math, English, or any two core subjects may not be promoted. Students must receive a passing grade in any upper school course in order to receive credit toward graduation. Students may retake any upper school courses originally taken prior to ninth grade. If an upper school course taken before ninth grade is retaken, the highest grade will be used in the GPA calculation. Students may be asked to repeat a non-credited course if it is deemed to be in their best interest.

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