Oakbrook Preparatory School

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Oakbrook requirements for high school graduation exceed the South Carolina requirements by an additional 2.5 Carnegie units:

Courses Units
English/Language Arts 4
Mathematics 4
Science 3
US History & Constitution 1
Economics 1
US Government 0.5
Other Social Studies 1
Physical Education 1
World Language 2**
Computer Science 1***
Christian Education 1
Senior Project 1
Other Electives 6****

* Science units must be in laboratory science classes. At least 2 of the units must be in different fields and selected from biology, chemistry, or physics. Physical Science is an Oakbrook pre-requisite for Chemistry and Physics but is not a requirement for graduation.

** College entrance will require at least 2 units of the same foreign language (Clemson University and other competitive schools require 3.)

*** Including keyboarding, programming, and/or functional and creative applications.

****One of the six elective units should be Fine Arts ( appreciation, history, or performance).

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