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Oakbrook Prep is known for its excellent World Languages program. Beginning at four years of age, all students participate in World Language class. Classes are age-level appropriate with offerings including Spanish and German through grade two.

Students can learn to hear and speak world languages with greater proficiency when they begin as young children. By the age of twelve, most people have lost their ability to speak a second language without an accent. Our students experience a sampling of language and culture (Spanish and German) at grades K5-2nd grade. Third graders choose one focus language (Spanish or German) and study it twice per week for the remainder of lower school.

Language studies for middle school begin to become more focused on their chosen language. Seventh graders move from a two-day class to a three-day class. In Lower School, their language studies are mostly oral. In middle school they begin to explore more written language.

For more in-depth development, German I and Spanish I are offered for high school credit beginning in grade 8. Second and third year languages are offered for further study. AP level courses are also offered for possible college credit.

Please reference the Upper School Course Catalog for more information about language course offerings.

World language students in grades three through twelve participate in the World Language Literary Meet.

World Cultures

In addition to participating in the Spartanburg International Festival, our World Language Department also sponsors several celebrations during the year including: Hispanic Month, German Reunification Day, Christmas Around the World, Chinese New Year, a major International Festival on campus.

Cultural Tours and Mission Trips

Oakbrook offers many opportunities for its students to learn outside of the classroom. Each year during Spring Intensive, students in grades 9-12 may elect to go outside of our country's borders to complement their classroom studies with cultural or mission trips abroad. Many of these trips allow students to interact with the international community, preparing them to take their place as global citizens.

Exchange Program

Oakbrook opens its doors to many international students through various exchange programs. Our World Language students and students in our sister schools in Germany and Guatemala exchange for periods ranging from three to eight weeks in alternating years. Oakbrook has also become a home-away-from-home for many students participating in yearly exchange programs.

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