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The following Athletic Awards are awarded at the Annual Knights Athletic Banquet in early May.

Silver Sword

Oakbrook’s annual Silver Sword is awarded to the athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship and Christ-like attitude on and off the court/field/course, not just during the season but throughout the school year. The award is not based on popularity or playing ability or attitude based on playing and not playing. The athlete is a team leader who demonstrates the attitude and character that we believe is an example of Jesus Christ. This character includes a commitment to one self and to the team, one who encourages others, often sacrificing his or her well-being for the sake of the team and one who has earned the respect of teammates and classmates. Teams and coaches present nominations for the

Silver Sword Award to the “Knights of the Round Table” whose membership is Silver Sword Award winners.

Block "O"

Student Athletes Participating on a Varsity Sport will earn a Block “O” at the Athletic Banquet. Student athletes will receive the letter only once during an Oakbrook athletic career. Varsity student athletes thereafter may order a Swiss service bar each letter year.

Coach’s Award

Varsity coaches recognize and thank the athlete who consistently demonstrates hard work, commitment, discipline - the key character traits the coaches have worked to instill throughout the team. This person may also be nominated for Silver Sword.

Sportsmanship Award

Middle School athletic teams and coaches select one athlete from each team who represents their team and Oakbrook’s Athletic Philosophy by:

Individual teams may also have banquets at the end of the season and coaches may recognize each player’s contributions to the team.

Athlete of the Year

The Middle School Female and Male that excelled in 3 Middle School Sports and earned the respect of their teammates and coaches. The Upper School Female and Male that excelled in 2 Varsity Sports and earned the respect of their teammates and coaches. This award will be given at the Annual Oakbrook Honors Day at the end of the school year. 

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