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Oakbrook is a rigorous academic institution; our athletes are students first. Oakbrook‘s student-athletes will relentlessly pursue excellence in and out of the classroom. Student athletes are responsible for balancing the commitments of the classroom with the commitments of the sport. We expect them to be proactive with their teachers, and maintain academic rigor in season and out.

Athletic Skills:

Coaches are responsible for teaching and expecting athletes to properly execute the fundamentals of the game. Athletes are responsible to make a commitment to practice these skills, to attend all practices, and to respect the authority of the coach. Competition and game experiences teach athletes to recognize situations, make decisions, and take responsibility for consequences.


Working together as a team, even in the “individual” sports, will be encouraged at every opportunity.  Each athlete must be eager, not just willing, to sacrifice personal interests or glory for the welfare of the team.


Good sportsmanship covers the concepts of fair play, respect for those in authority, and integrity on and off the playing field.  Oakbrook strives to be known for fielding competitive, well-disciplined and well-coached teams who know how to win with humility and lose graciously.


Athletic Excellence is attained when the athlete knows that he/she did everything within the limits of his ability to become the very best that he or she is capable of becoming. While winning events is important and a goal for all teams, success in coaching or playing will not be based on the number of athletic events won or lost.  Winning is a by-product of the enjoyment/success of developing athletic skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


See entire Athletic Handbook here.  


Each athlete must have three forms completed before participating in practice or games: a Medical Examination Form completed with physician's signature, SCISA Agreement for Participation, and Warning of Inherent Risk; as well as two Steadman-Hawkins forms. Copies of these forms may be downloaded from Oakbrook's website at: Athletic Forms

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