Oakbrook Preparatory School

I AM HIS: Lower School students learn what it means to find their Identity in Christ

Children in preschool through fourth grade are learning not only know who God is, but understanding who they are in Christ - created by Him with purpose and loved unconditionally.


I Am…

Created by God

Loved by God

Forgiven by God

Saved by grace through faith

A new creation

Alive with Christ

A child of God

A friend of God



Oakbrook Preparatory School students attend chapel each Wednesday. The themes range from books of the Bible to issues facing kids and teens in today’s world.

For the last several weeks, Oakbrook’s lower school students have been learning about what it truly means to find their identity in Christ.

“Because of the decision to focus on habits in the preschool I wanted our chapel lessons to be the delivery system for that,” said Lower School Director Vickie Bolduc, who enlisted the help of Mrs. Julie McNeely.

“My desire is for chapel to be focused on God's truths and not just a list of good things that we can do. Good people all over the world are kind to others, follow laws and rules, do good things, help the needy, etc. I really wanted our students to begin to grasp the why of these good deeds – that God first loved us and that the decisions we make in life are based on our relationship with Him.”  

Mrs. McNeely has been sharing with children in preschool through through fourth grade not only who God is, but has been helping them to understand who they are in Christ - created by Him with a purpose and loved unconditionally.

McNeely is using “I Am” statements to help students keep these truths in their hearts and use them when they encounter difficult situations from playground squabbles to disappointments.

Each week students are presented with a Bible Verse as well as an “I am” statement. Teachers also work this into the culture of their classroom and relate it back to behavior. More importantly, they help students see it as their “why,” their motivator to make God-centered choices.

“Our prayer is for Oakbrook students to bear spiritual fruit even at a young age – not because of anything we have done, but because of what we allowed the Holy Spirit to do in and through us,” McNeely said.

“Every character habit we emphasize, every rule we teach, every social skill we model and reinforce: seeing them take root in the classroom is directly correlated to the students grasping who they are in Christ.”

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