O Club | Oakbrook Preparatory School


Our mission

Oakbrook’s Athletic Booster Club, The O Club, was established to provide support for our
athletic department, our athletes, and coaches.  

Membership and Sponsorship Opportunities

Each year, our volunteers work tirelessly to raise additional funds to provide our student athletes with their needed uniforms and equipment.  Additionally, the O Club has supported many athletic facility improvements throughout the years.  

2022-23 O Club Board Members

Kyle Boyles, Head of School

Joshua Clowney, Athletic Director

Samantha Attaway

Susie Baker

Leslie Freshour

Doug Grote

Andy Hall

Renee Kimbrell

Wilton Mann

Paul Martin

Darrell McNeill

Ryanne O'Sullivan

Andy Smiley

Thank you for considering a gift to the O CLUB.

Gifts of any size and in any form are welcomed and we pledge to ensure that every dollar given in support of the extraordinary mission of our school is spent wisely and effectively.

If you have questions or would like to discuss giving opportunities, please email kyle.boyles@oakbrookprep.org or call 864-587-2060 ext. 111.