Get To Know: Betty Wells | Oakbrook Preparatory School
Get To Know: Betty Wells

Get To Know: Betty Wells

Sep 19, 2022

Name: Betty Wells

Position: 2nd grade

Alma mater: Converse College

What made you choose Oakbrook: I knew Rosemary Moore's family from church growing up. Years later as an educator I heard about her vision for "The Village School" (in its early days) and jumped on board. Three years later my kids were old enough to join me and it was a family affair until well after they graduated.

How do you like to spend your free time: My free time activities include walking, singing, acting, reading, genealogy and local history.

What do you love most about teaching: I enjoy helping young people discover and develop the gifts God has tucked away inside of them.

What excites you most about getting started: I'm excited about returning to Oakbrook with old familiar faces, making new friends and getting to know the creative geniuses in my class.