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Parents' Club

2022-2023 Parents' Club Board

Executive Board:
President: Abby Jones
Past President: Lisa Wilson
Vice-President: Ping Hollifield
Secretary/Communication Coordinator: Erica Ward
Treasurer: Brooks Moss
Chaplain: Kathryn MacDonald


Fundraising Chair: Meredith Kelley Pitts Fundraising Co-Chair: Lisa Wilson
Hospitality Chair: Valarie Grindle Hospitality Co-Chair: Danielle Cuthbertson
D├ęcor Chair: Kayla Davis
Volunteer Chair: Samantha Attaway
Grade Parent Chair: Mary Kellam
Lower School Room Parent Coordinator: Stephanie Lambley

If you interested in volunteering, please contact the Parents' Club at

Spirit Rock

The Oakbrook Prep Spirit Rock is a great way to recognize events in the lives of our students, staff, and school.  It can be decorated for birthdays, accomplishments, celebrations, or congratulatory messages.  

How It Works:

1) Reservations are required. Sign up here:

2) Dates are on a first come first serve basis.

3) There is no limit on how many dates in a row you can reserve. 

4) The cost is $20 per day which will be invoiced. No refunds will be issued.

5) You may begin to paint the rock at 4:00 pm the day BEFORE your reservation so that it will be ready the morning of your special day. (For example, if your child's birthday is May 15, you will reserve the slot for May 15 and can start painting the rock on May 14 at 4:00 pm.)

6) You are responsible for painting the rock and will provide all of the painting materials you need.  Latex paints work best.  Please do not use oil based, craft, or washable paints.  Paint and primer mix work best for the background to cover the previous design.  Spray paints may also be used and work well for the design.

7) The Parents Club and school reserve the right to remove anything inappropriate.  No business advertisements, political comments, or negative/offensive items are allowed.

8) Painting anything other than the rock is not allowed.

9) Rental is rain or shine.

10) Photos are welcome. Please do not stand or climb on the rock. 

The Spirit Rock is a Parents Club fundraiser and all funds will go back into serving our students and teachers at the school.  Thank you for your support and HAVE FUN!!

Order your Oakbrook Spirit Wear!

Link to our Parents Club store: 

New pullovers and hats have been added for the season!

Also available in the store are short sleeve tees, long sleeve tees, hooded sweatshirts and non-hooded crewneck sweatshirts! And for the first time ever, we have designed a Windy Gap shirt! These are offered in short and long sleeves. While the 2022 Windy Gap trip has already passed, we still have some shirts available. Get yours today to commemorate another wonderful year at Windy Gap!

Prayer Requests - Contact our Chaplain

Chaplain Kathryn Macdonald is devoted to lifting up Oakbrook and the Oakbrook community in prayer. Please feel free to text your prayer requests to Kathryn 864-838-2245, and we will include them in our prayers.

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