Oakbrook Preparatory School

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Why Oakbrook?
Martin Wildeman, School Board Chair 2013-14 shares his thoughts:

We have had the privilege of being a part of this school family for the past 15 years. Under the nurturing shade of Oakbrook, our 4 boys have been allowed to discover their God-given talents and have become well prepared for their next stage of life. There are so many wonderful aspects to our school; its rigorous curriculum, exceptional and caring staff, and the freedom to express our faith in God. To me, however, there are 2 elements that stand out most and that reflect the true “soul” of our school.

First, there is an overwhelmingly positive and Christ-like spirit that exists amongst our student body. This can be seen in everyday life at Oakbrook and is not typical of any school environment I have ever known. A few years ago, I watched our school team compete in a local cross-country race. One of our team members was having a particularly bad day and was genuinely struggling during the race. He was so far behind the pack that the organizers had actually started putting up their equipment well before he had finished!! Instead of packing up and going home like everyone else, his teammates quite naturally rallied around him and took it upon themselves to cheer and encourage him across the finish line. I felt immensely proud of our kids that day and I left the field being reminded that there is indeed something distinctively different about our school.

The final element relates to the parents and extended family members of our school without whose support and involvement, the vision and mission of our school could never be fully realized. Oakbrook families come from diverse backgrounds, nationalities and denominations. This is a tremendous asset and it deeply enriches the dynamic culture of our school family. Amidst our diversity, we are united by views we hold in common. We believe that there is indeed a better way to educate and bring up our children than is offered to us in the public sector today and that we can take an active role in defining Oakbrook’s unique brand of private education. Thirteen years ago, we completed the construction of Oakbrook’s first building on Lincoln School Road. I will never forget the army of students, teachers, parents and grandparents that congregated at the school over a weekend to mop, clean, assemble desks and hang white boards. This kind of personal investment is what has defined the “Oakbrook difference” to me. Long may it continue!!

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