Board of Directors | Oakbrook Preparatory School


The Oakbrook Board of Directors is the governing body of the school. It consists of up to 10 members that are elected from school families and the community at large for three-year terms. Board members shall have an established profession of faith in Jesus Christ as He revealed himself in the Bible, and shall agree to uphold the OPS Statement of Faith.

Oakbrook Preparatory School is a non-profit institution of learning within a Christian environment designed to educate children in accordance with the OPS Statement of Faith.

2023-2024 Board of Directors:

Brent Babb - Finance Chair

Lee Ann Ballew - Vice Chair

Geoff Haas - Past Chair

Edward Jabbour

Hank Jolly

Kim Land

Bryan Lawson - Building and Grounds Chair

Brooks Moss - Governance Chair

Gabe O'Sullivan - Chair

Martin Wildeman

Brent Babb

Lee Ann Ballew

Children - Nolan (7th), Ethan (5th), and Dylan (2nd)

What do you love most about Oakbrook?

"Oakbrook has been a true blessing for my family. My husband, Andy, and I feel so connected to this community -- it really feels like we're part of a family here. Both academically and socially, our boys have grown tremendously. They're thriving in their classes, and have even made lifelong friends along the way. We're thrilled to see them participating in sports and club activities, knowing that they're gaining the skills they need to succeed in the future."

Geoff Haas

Children - Chris Class of 2020, Addison, Class of 2022, Emma Sophomore, Davis 7th

What do you love most about Oakbrook?

"Building on a foundation of Christian faith, Oakbrook educates my children to be independent and collaborative lifelong learners. The amazing Oakbrook staff recognizes each and every day that my “Children are spirits to be kindled, not vessels to be filled."

Edward Jabbour

Children - Chaz Jabbour, Class of 2025

What do you love most about Oakbrook?

"We have loved Oakbrook for many reasons. The Christian foundation sets the tone. The family spirit sets the path. Our son has grown in many ways while he has been at Oakbrook."

Hank Jolly

Kim Land

Children - Kelsey, 10th grade

What do you love most about Oakbrook?

"We love the second family that we’ve found at Oakbrook! Some of the people we have met and connected with over our nine years here are some of our dearest friends and are like family now! We love knowing that our daughter is getting a challenging education, growing deeper in her faith and being impacted by a wonderful community of teachers, administrators and friends.

Bryan Lawson

Brooks Moss

Children - Hudson (Class of 2023), Baden, 11th

What you love most about Oakbrook ?

"Oakbrook provides each student the ability to discover and grow their individual strengths while providing a solid educational base as the foundation of their future."

Gabriel O’Sullivan

Children - Avery (11th), Isaac (6th), Tyson

What do you love most about Oakbrook?

"Strong academics taught from a Biblical perspective."

Martin Wildeman

Children - 4 Oakbrook graduates: Jess (Class of 2009), Thomas (Class of 2011), Murphy (Class of 2014), Wilson (Class of 2015)

3 Grandchildren (Heywood, Ellie and Colin)

What do I love most about Oakbrook?

“In 1996, Rosemary Moore gave my wife, Amy, and I our very first tour of The Village School (later renamed as Oakbrook). She shared with us her inspiring vision of a school that was positive, open and welcoming to families from many diverse backgrounds. Rosemary believed that the development of a vibrant and authentic faith in God should be integral in a person’s education. This was music to our ears and we felt that we had indeed found our home. That first meeting continues to inspire me and drive my passion for Oakbrook."